The Pen and the Sword

The Pen and the Sword, the podcast of the MWG, features discussions with service members, veterans, civilian analysts, and writers on the big questions surrounding war and the written word. The podcast, which comes out approximately on a monthly basis, is hosted by Adin Dobkin.

The Pen and the Sword is currently on hiatus. We hope to have new episodes, as well as a full archive, online shortly.

The Pen and the Sword episodes, by topic:

Episode 1 – On fiction and diversity in military writing
Guests: Tyrell Mayfield, The Strategy Bridge; and August Cole, The Atlantic Council

Episode 2 – On civilian narratives
Guests: Carrie Morgan and Kama Shockey, Authors

Episode 3 – On the use of history
Guests: Nathan Finney, The Strategy Bridge; and Angry Staff Officer

Episode 4 – On the battle for the narrative
Guests: MSG Sohail Shaikh, Asymmetric Warfare Group; and John DeRosa, George Mason University

Episode 5 (Guest Episode) – War Stories 1.1 – High Wood (Prologue)
By: Adin Dobkin and Angry Staff Officer

Episode 6 – On remembering war
Guests: Barry Alexander, Author of On Afghanistan’s Plains; and Randy “Charlie Sherpa” Brown, Author of FOB Haiku

Episode 7 – Upcoming
Guests: August Cole, The Atlantic Council; Kelsey Atherton, Popular Science

The Pen and the Sword is available on iTunes and wherever else one might subscribe to podcasts. If you like the show, please don’t forget to leave a review!