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Our Members

MWG includes service members, civilian analysts, veterans, and writers who who are actively engaged in writing about national security, intelligence, diplomacy, conflict, and military professionalism. MWG Members live and work worldwide, have a variety of professional backgrounds, and have published reportage, analysis, genre and literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Military service is not a precondition for MWG membership.

Our Work

The Military Writers Guild exists to gather writers committed to the craft of writing on the military, conflict, and national security in all forms.

Through its members, The Guild encourages an open dialogue from diverse perspective and backgrounds.

The Guild fosters a strong peer ecosystem focused on writing about military affairs through our advocacy, collaboration, and promotion.

About Membership

MWG Membership begins with the invitation of an active MWG member. Applicants have joined MWG at various points in their military or civilian careers, though all have shown a dedication towards writing about conflict and the military and the intent of furthering themselves as writers.

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