How does one become an MWG member?

MWG membership begins with the invitation of an active member. MWG invitations typically come from members familiar with your work and intent as it comes to writing. After being invited to submit an application to MWG, you’ll be asked to send a biography including published works to our membership coordinator. After a vote from MWG committee members, we’ll inform you of our decision.

If I don’t know any MWG members, how can I be invited?

Although the MWG membership process begins with an invitation, that’s not to say that MWG is a secret society. Most MWG members keep an active online profile in order to connect with like-minded peers. All of our members are open to discussions on writing, their work, and MWG itself.┬áTo find members who might share some of your same interests, check out our membership page.

Do I need to have served in uniform to join MWG?

Absolutely not. The ‘M’ in MWG stands for the topic to which we’ve┬ádedicated our writing, by and large. Members themselves come from a variety of backgrounds, including think tanks, government, and journalism among others.

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