Membership in MWG

MWG includes service members, civilian analysts, veterans, and writers who who are actively engaged in writing about national security, intelligence, diplomacy, conflict, and military professionalism. MWG Members live and work worldwide, have a variety of professional backgrounds, and have published reportage, analysis, genre and literary fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Military service is not a precondition for MWG membership.

Becoming a Member

Military Writers Guild members are always looking for new colleagues. We want members who are open to dialogue from diverse perspectives and from individuals interested in various forms of writing, committed to sharing knowledge of the military and related professions, and have demonstrated the interest and capacity to offer mentorship to those earlier in their writing lives.

We identify fellow writers and potential members through the outreach of existing MWG members. Invitations to the Guild are made via individual members, and each member is limited to a select number of invitations per quarter. Sponsors  are responsible for integrating new members after an offer is extended, or for mentoring potential future applicants toward membership.

If you are interested in seeking membership into the Military Writers Guild, you should first demonstrate your capacity and interest in the military and national security space through writing and publishing in one or more forms. You should also demonstrate an interest in thinking critically about the larger field and on writing itself. MWG members regularly correspond with interested applicants, though it is the responsibility of those applicants to seek out members.

We look forward to growing the community of military writers with you.