Thanks so much for your interest in writing for the Military Writers Guild website. The writers we publish on the MWG site reflect our membership, and include those who are actively engaged in writing, thinking, and publishing about conflict, the military, and writing as practice. We publish essays, reporting, and analysis, with a particular focus on the craft and experience of writing (broadly defined). That might take the form of an interview with a writer, a critical essay on a selection of works, or a personal essay that’s been gnawing at you for some time. Due to the diversity of MWG writers and editors, we have a pretty expansive idea of what contributes to the dialogue, so if you’re in doubt, get in touch with our team!

At MWG, we exclusively take pitches for articles (no full submissions please). If you have an idea for an essay, an interview, or a story, even if it’s just a glimmer of one, please get in touch with us at We’re a small operation so we might not be able to respond to your query, but we promise we’ll look over it with our team of editors and do our best to get back in touch with you as soon as possible. If you’re pitching a story exclusively to MWG, please allow us 1-2 weeks to respond.

Please note that we don’t currently pay for articles. Our editorial operation is bare-bones and entirely volunteer. While we’d love to have a situation worked out in the future, we’re not at that place. With that said, our editors have worked with some of the most well-known magazines, literary journals, and presses around. What we can’t offer in money we try to make up for in closely working with you to turn out the best story possible.